About Us

Our Vision

Being a leading multy national trusted suppliers for fresh yellow fin tuna and caring for our resources to future generations


Continiously innovationg business and strategy to build great future maintain costumers relationship, satisfaction in product, competitive price on time delivery and service

Fresh Fish Supplier

We are a trusted supplier of fresh tuna that has extra quality and is guaranteed sterile. Has a process that is appropriate and export standards. 

We prioritize quality and quality. This is proven because we are one of the major suppliers of tuna in Indonesia.

Being one of the preferred and trusted suppliers, for all restaurants and individuals as a fulfillment of the need for fresh tuna.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience fisherman and process teams creates high quality product trough our high attention to entire supply chain and solid team work. Each of our product showcases a stunning array of colour, textures, and patterns, making every piece truly delicious and fresh. Incorporating these product into your dish adds an element of natural elegance and allure.

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Good Quality



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The Opportunity!

to incorporate the treasure of Indonesian yellowfin tuna into your business and captivate the worldwide market with sustainable and preferential products. We can adapt and adjust to your business need. Please Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in sourcing and exporting Indonesian yellowfin tuna worldwide.