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Quality fish and have appropriate processes and are export standards. As a supplier or supplier of quality tuna, of course we always maintain product quality and pay close attention to the process. Starting from fishing in the sea to the shipping process.

After the process of catching fish in the sea, it will enter several processes and the step by step is very closely watched. In this process there will be a process of sterilization and sanitation to maintain good quality and avoid microbes and other bacteria.

Tuna Fresh Loin

Whole Loins, Natural Fresh Cut, Sashimi Grade A/B, Skin Less, Bone Less, No Belly
Meat, Blood Line Off, 100 % NW

Frozen Tuna Saku

Fresh Cut, Skin Less, Bone Less, Blood Line Off, 100% NW, IQF

Whole Round Fresh Tuna Chilled

Grade C, B, A Minimum Order 25 Metric Tonnes

Fresh Tuna Center Cut

Fresh Cut, Skin Less, Bone Less, Bloodline off, IQF, 100% NW, Center Cut

Tuna Cube

Fresh Cut, Skin Less, Bone Less, Bloodline off, IQF, 100% NW

Frozen Tuna Steak

Frozen Cut, Sinless, Bone Less, Bloodline off, 100% NW, IQF

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to incorporate the treasure of Indonesian yellowfin tuna into your business and captivate the worldwide market with sustainable and preferential products. We can adapt and adjust to your business need. Please Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in sourcing and exporting Indonesian yellowfin tuna worldwide.